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Make The Friendship Bracelets Swiftie Mega Bead Box

Make The Friendship Bracelets Swiftie Mega Bead Box

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Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it! Friendship bracelet trading at the Eras Tour has officially started! Add a ✨personal✨ touch to your Eras Tour friendship bracelets by making them yourself or with friends!

This kit makes ⭐️13⭐️ bracelets, so no need to buy a big pack of beads or whole bag of letter beads just to have a bunch of Q's and Z's you will never use again... Everything you need to make the friendship bracelets is all in this kit, reducing waste and clutter! You can make the bracelets with your fellow tour pals, or make them all yourself to wear or trade. This kit also makes a great gift for the Swiftie in your life headed to the tour! Designed and curated by a pathological people pleaser who only wants you to see her... 😅

📿 - Enough 6mm gum ball beads in each of the album colors to make a bracelet for each era! (plus a little extra just in case...)
🫶 - Letter beads for each of the TS albums + "The Eras Tour"
✨ - A few gold, silver, and white beads to add some shine to your bracelet designs!
🌈 - A few randomly selected party beads to give your bracelets a pop of personality!
🧵 - 13 7" pre-cut stretchy cord with a washi tape bead stopper for fast and easy stringing! 😎
🎁 - A super cute Make The Friendship Bracelets bead case with 15 spaces to organize your jewelry, or anything else for that matter!
🎓 - Instructions on how to make and tie off your beautiful new bracelet!

📿 All our beads are purchased through USA based companies, and support many small business owners! Some are even here on Etsy! Creators supporting creators is extremely important here!

Keep away from water to increase longevity. Keep away from fire. While bracelets are secured, use caution when stretching the bracelets. VigilanteBritt is not responsible for broken bracelets. Due to the one-of-a-kind nature of the medium, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the image shown.

Angels are rolling their eyes, and devils are rolling the dice to see if these bracelets have you wanting more! So be sure to check out the other awesome items in the shop! You can never have too much TS in your life... These also make such great gifts for the Swifties in your life. With the cute gift ready bow, giving these bracelets as gifts will never go out of style for the holidays, Christmas, Hanukkah, birthdays, or maybe just because!

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🥰 About Vigilante Britt!
Inspired by the Eras of Taylor Swift, I wanted to make myself some accessories to wear when I attend the Eras tour! I opened this shop because so many people were liking what I was making they wanted me to make them things too! It has become a fun expression of my love of making things and my love of Taylor and her music! This shop is dedicated to celebrating the TS discography and is ready to help you look your best at the Eras concerts and beyond!

Thank you so much for support my store and shopping small! I appreciate it all too well.
🫶 Brittany

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