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Autumn Vibes Mega Bead Box

Autumn Vibes Mega Bead Box

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Autumn make your own beaded bracelets kit | do it yourself jewelry making for adults teens kids | fall leaves and charms | crafty gift idea

Pull on your favorite sweater, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and get crafty with this autumnal themed beaded bracelet making kit! Make your own fall themed custom bracelet stack designed exactly how you want with this carefully curated bead kit perfect for anything from parties, to gifts, to just a little treat for yourself!

Create your own elegant, autumnal bracelets to wear every day or give to friends or family! Full of rich fall colors, high quality metal pieces and charms, and maple leaf shapes, this DIY beaded bracelet kit is carefully curated with high quality beads and materials. Perfectly portioned to not leave you with a bunch of left over beads, this kit takes all the best supplies and materials and bundles it up at an accessible price. Our bead kits average about $3 per bracelet, giving you the most bang for your buck!

The Autumn Mega Bead Box includes:
- 6mm gum ball beads in 12 different cozy fall toned colors
- A large assortment of novelty beads to give your bracelets a pop of personality (including a few solid metal, glass, and clay beads and charms)
- 15 10" pre-cut stretchy cords with a fall themed washi tape bead stopper for fast and easy stringing
- A sturdy bead case with 15 movable spaces good for many different other uses
- Simple instructions and tips

✨ The Mega Bead Box makes 12+ bracelets, so you won't need to buy a a big pack of beads you will use a few of and never use again... Everything you need to make the bracelets is all in this kit, reducing waste and clutter! It comes in a sturdy case you can reuse to organize your jewelry or use it as a travel case.

✨ We responsibly and sustainably source all our supplies and materials. We support other small businesses and fair-trade suppliers around the globe vs. buying cheap, mass produced materials from corporations like Amazon or Temu.

✨ All of the beads included in our kits come from US based small businesses and suppliers. Some special themed kits may include handmade, artisan beads in the kits as well. The stretchy string included in the kit is the Stretch Magic brand in the .7mm clear style. The bead box is purchased in bulk through a US jewelry products manufacturer.

PLEASE NOTE: your kit may differ slightly from what is shown based on current bead availability, but it will be very close and just as awesome!!

The beaded bracelet kit is so easy to use! Start by laying out your bracelet design. We recommend doing this on on a towel to keep the beads from rolling around! Next, give the stretchy string a gentle pre-stretch to prep the string and help to avoid it breaking. Thread your beads on your string in the pattern you designed. Finish with a double knot or a surgeon's knot. Trim off the excess string, careful to not cut too close to the knot. It's now ready for you to wear and enjoy! If you end up with a few extra beads, we encourage you to find a fun use for them!

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Makeshift Crafts is a woman-owned and operated sustainable craft kit company focused on providing affordable, eco-friendly, and accessible crafting solutions to those who want to explore their creativity without the high cost of entry.
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Thank you so much for supporting my small business!
- Brittany

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