Beaded Bracelets

Beaded Bracelets

At Makeshift Crafts, we know there are a million techniques and different methods to jewelry making. We are focused on what is easiest for you to without any extra tools, supplies, or special skills. Making a beaded bracelet the makeshift way should be fun, not stressful. So don't sweat it if you mess up or don't make it perfectly. The point is to simply have fun and be creative! 

So here's a quick tutorial to get you started and on your way to cute and custom handmade beaded jewelry!

Step 1: Prep your string

Before stringing on your beads, make sure to give the string a few big stretches. This loosens the string to help keep your design in place and prevent the bracelet from distorting. 

Step 2: Measure your wrist

Wrap the string around your wrist to determine how long you want your bracelet to be. This will help you plan out your bead design next. 

Step 3: Prepare the beads

Lay out your beads in the order you want them on the bracelet. This will allow you to visualize your design before stringing them. 

Makeshift Tip: To keep your beads from rolling around, use a towel to lay out your bead designs. 

Step 4: Start beading

Thread the first bead onto the stretchy string. You will notice the washi tape flag on the end of the string will stop the beads from sliding off! Following the pattern you laid out, slide the rest of the beads onto the string. 

Step 5: Check the fit

Once you have added all the beads, carefully wrap the string around your wrist to check the fit. Make sure it isn't too tight or too loose. Adjust the beads as needed.

Step 6: Tie the bracelet 

To tie off the bracelet, follow this easy formula:

  1. Single knot
  2. Double knot
  3. Single knot

First, tie a single knot and pull it just tight enough to bring the knot taught between the two beads. Holding the beads in place to not cause the string to loose up or tighter, tie a double knot and pull the knot tight against the first knot. To add a bit more security to your knot, tie a final single knot or surgeon's knot. 

Finally, really secure the knots by pulling the bracelet apart to expose the knot. Hold the stretchy string on either side of the knot along with the 2 tails of the string and give it a couple gentle pulls away from the knot. This ensures the knot is closed and allows you to test the stretchiness of the bracelet. 

Step 7: Trim excess string

Start by hiding the knot in a bead by gently pulling a bead over the knot. Next, trim the excess string off by cutting the string flush to the beads. This will ensure you leave enough room to not cut the knot. 

Step 8: Ready to wear!

Hooray! Your bracelet is now done and ready to wear! 

Remember, creativity is key, so feel free to experiment with different bead combinations and designs to make a bracelet that reflects your style. 

Want to make more? Check out our full bead kit collection! 

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